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The Results Group

Nannies & Au-Pairs

Results Nannies like all The Results Group is built on professionalism, empathy, and trust. For local families in Australia, especially Western Australia, we provide a local service with an understanding of family needs

The opportunity to live, work and be paid for your time in the UK, Europe, Canada or Australia can really be a dream come true.

We can help you achieve your vision. If you are considering becoming a Nanny or Au-Pair the following will help you.

  • What is a Nanny?
  • What is an Au-Pair??
  • What is a Mother's help?
  • How do I get started?
  • Special message to the family
  • What is a Nanny?

    A Nanny is a qualified, experienced person employed by families to look after children in the home.

    Overseas nannies are mostly live-in. Responsibilities may include feeding, washing, and clothing, educating and stimulating the children in her care. She provides a safe, loving environment for the children and a full range of learning, leisure and social activities appropriate to age.

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    What is an Au-Pair?

    Generally an Au-Pair is around 17 to 30 years old, arriving in a new country to learn the culture, language, meet new friends and explore.

    Au-Pairs live with their host families who provide them with accommodation and all their meals.

    An Au-Pair is generally looked upon as the oldest sister in the family and helps the family with light housework and looking after the children. Each family is different so duties vary.

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    What is a Mother’s Help?

    A Mother’s Help is generally a live-in “nanny” who is not qualified and works alongside a mother/father rather then having sole charge of the children. She helps around the house much more than a nanny with light housework, shopping, assisting with family meal preparation.

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    How do I get started?

    Please call us for detailed information. After an initial discussion, if you decide to go ahead, we’ll ask you to come in for an interview. Parents are also welcome at the interview.

    We also run weekend workshops when there are sufficient numbers of interested candidates.

    If you are a country or interstate candidate please download this form for Overseas or this form for Local placement. Please note that you will be required to attend an interview prior to your file being processed and forwarded to our overseas agencies.

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    Special Message to the Family - Need a helper?

    If you are outside Australia and would like information about Australian Nannies/Au-Pairs we will be pleased to assist you. Just download and complete the registration form which outlines our services. When we receive the completed registration form and required fee we will start working for you.

    For Australian families we provide a local Nanny, Au-Pair and babysitting service. All our candidates

    • are personally interviewed
    • must complete a comprehensive registration form
    • must supply suitable references and supporting documents.
    Just download and complete the registration form. We will find you suitable candidates either by matching your requirements to our database of available candidates or by advertising if necessary.

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